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We are TOA. Find out why

TOA is proudly Portuguese and ethically green.The idea of ​​a sustainable brand was born out of our love for nature and animals. Parents of two lovely children, we decided to create an ecological and sustainable range of clothes that embraces nature and bring it to our dailyday.

From our house in the countryside, we create a brand that combines two raw materials - organic cotton and cork, both eco-friendly and vegan materials that are ingrained and intertwined with Portuguese tradition. Our tradition!

Everything in our TOA collection has Portuguese DNA in it: the inspiration that comes from our beautiful natural landscapes, the charismatic materials that replicate what for generations has been a staple in our culture and the wise hands of local workers that make our clothes with love and dedication and within the right principles - eco-friendly, cruelty-free and fair trade.

With our green apparel, we offer you comfortable, versatile and timeless clothing, with zero harmful chemicals and absolutely no animal testing, that inspires the slow fashion.

TOA clothing is versatile, long-lasting and fun and our rhythm is slow fashion.

Welcome to our world!