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Our brand’s concept blends in with our ethics in way. It’s this combination that deeply inspires us! Every choice and every TOA process implies a strong commitment to the ecological and social sustainability of our planet.

Free from harmful chemicals. Cruelty free. Free from exploitation.

Our range of organic cotton clothing is further steeped in history and tradition by combining it with a material that belongs to our memory, our landscape, and our Portuguese tradition: cork. By choosing this noble, soft and eco-friendly material we are not only investing in local suppliers, but we are also helping reduce the carbon footprint and contributing to the increase in cork oak forest, a beautiful but, more importantly, indigenous tree that does not burn as easily as eucalyptus during our hot summers.

TOA – The Organic Apparel’s clothing production is developed by sewing workers professionals in small local businesses. We empower professionals and the local micro-economy in the name of social equity, fair trade and a world that embraces diversity. For us, this is the only way that it all makes sense, wouldn’t you agree?

Because we use only high-quality materials, we are confident and proud of the superior quality to our green apparel. Each piece can be worn with various outfits as well in different seasons, bringing us back to an era of reduced consumption and a longer-lasting fashion movement. In the end, we hand pack everything in our recycled cardboard boxes in a quick and eco-conscientious delivery service.

Welcome to the TOA world!